Hunting Størms, Malpica (GZ). Digital photography by Oti Fernandez 2019.

Øceanic Sound Art is a peer to peer association and a nomadic artist-in-residence program based in Nigrán, Galiza for the test pilot year 2019.
ØSA aims to create a trans-terrestrial community, a phygital hub, where artists, scientists and a wide range of aficionados or professionals can explore and investigate the past, the present and the future state of our oceans from a sonic perspective. 

We are setting up a physical residency program. The residency project has been tested in different places and locations and it is in development. However you can always visit our base in Nigrán if you can communicate with us in advance.
Our base is an abandoned shore house which is currently in the process of renovation. At our base is where the founders and collaborators live, work and share the passion to maintain, rethink, renovate and archive our Heritage.

Our off-shore expeditions gave us great results during the test year. We have mostly co-organized participative campaigns for conservation and tracking of marine mammals. In some cases (depending on proposals) we can gear residents with scientific instruments (such as hydrophones and underwater imaging technology), to work in the field, during collaborative and participative oceanic expeditions.

We already have an archive of collected sounds, videos, photographs, performances, texts, books, architectural plans, etchings, mostly sound works by residents and in minor cases artefacts. We will slowly release through this website a selection of gathered material which we wish to share with the world.

We also co-organise small events such as what we called Ocean Sessions when we present works of collaborating local professionals and guest residents.